Hello, I am CPR FAB


Jun 17, 2009
Newport Beach, CA.
Hey all, my real name is Chris Parker and off road is not only a life for me it's a business. I have been involved in the racing industry for most of my life now and have been fortunate enough to become an integral part of world records, overall class wins in SCORE, SCORE championships and I am currently involved with my own motorcycle team "Team CPR FAB.com" to which we have had some measured success and some great experiences along the way. I am regularly involved in both off road racing, (Mostly in Mexico) and the political inner workings of some racing organizations as a way to feel that I have positively contributed to the health of the sport as a whole.

My profession is high end racing fabrication and stainless header systems. I own CPR Fabrications and have had many of the off road vehicles that people are accustomed to seeing in the desert in my shop for one reason or another. Usually for my headers. I feel privileged to have been able to work with many of my clients and my business continues to grow because of it. I have now added Team CPR FAB.com to the list and am building a successful prep shop for Honda based off road motorcycle racing including engine work, wiring harnesses, ultra high end brake lines and various products that are tailored to the off road community.

I view forums as a communication tool when I am away from my extended off road family and not much more. At least for me personally. I don't like to get involved in meaningless banter and attacks. I don't think that it bodes well for anybody so you won't find me around those threads. I feel disappointed when threads head that direction.

For the rest of it, if you want to know more I will defer you to the "About us" on my website at www.teamcprfab.com. I hope that this gives you a glimpse of who I am and I look forward to posting on this very popular site.
Chris Parker