Hello I'm Brian


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Hello every one,

Some background info ,
I grew up in So Cal and grew up riding and racing dirt bikes.
Then I had to find a job wife and a dog. And moved away but aways wanted to race in Baja well 20 years latter I'm going to try to build Score legal class 5/1600 Baja bug.

My problem is I'm in North Idaho and all most every one selling ,building Baja stuff is 1000's of miles away. So my only help is going to be the boards and lots Internet searches.

I know I can buy a lot of the parts off the shelf bolt them on and have a average car. What I want is a car that can be competitive the only limiting factor is my driving skill
I hope I can find some guys in the 5/1600 class willing to give up some secrets to help me build a better car.

Some other info about me is also live in Cambodia on my tree farm where my wife lives. Unfortunately due to the overly complicated immigration laws and the US view about Cambodians visiting the USA we have to live apart but I do travel there 4 to 5 times a year with some stays lasting 30 days a trip. But I think she can visit Mexico when I go racing.
My job here is a Locomotive engineer for the BNSF working out of Hauser Idaho.

Now you know more then I do.