Hello, I'm Captain Dune

Captain Dune

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Been into off-road everthing ever since I was born. My parents started taking me to glamis even prior to my birth, and I havn't stopped going for 24 years. Currently I own a Suzuki 450R quad, and an '02 F-150 Prerunner that I actually purchased off this websites classifieds page. My current project right now is the F-150, I bought it with the front pretty much done with almost 20" of travel and a full rollcage inside. Currently working on the rear end of the truck and re-doing the front hoops since they pounded holes into my valve covers. I am also in the works with a sand rail, but its still in its pre-construction phases.

Not off-road related, I'm from Arizona, but have lived all over the world the past few years. For work, I am a Staff Sergeant in the Army, 2x deployments to Iraq and lived in Germany for a while (you havnt lived until you have tried to drive a 92" wide prerunner on the streets of Europe). Stationed in Washington State right now until my seperation in a few months. Hope that sheds some light onto Captain Dune.


sweet! Thanks for serving and the LTR450 is rocket!! I own one and race it from time to time.

Welcome to RDC! Post some pics of your pre-runner