Hello, I'm Peter Vieira


Jun 11, 2009
Plano, TX
I'm one of the marketing guys with Traxxas, and a short-course racing fan. I came to Traxxas after 11 years as the Executive Editor of Radio Control Car Action magazine and over 20 years as an R/C hobbyist. So, although I've never driven a full-size off-road race car (other than a week in Mexico with Wide Open Baja), I have been racing off-road for years--with radio control cars.

As a member of the Race-Dezert forums, I'll be chiming in as a fan and as a Traxxas guy, should Traxxas come up. If there's something cool I think Race-Dezert would like to know about (for example, our new promo where guys who enter the R/C races at TORC events can win a ride in the TORC pace truck), I'll post it...but no spam or junk, I assure you. I'm not going to post that we're having a sale on one of our trucks, or post R/C news. If it's not info that's going to help Race-Dezert members enjoy off-roading, I'm not going to post it!

Thanks for the consideration,

Peter Vieira