Hello. Interested in NORRA and 5/1600 SCORE/SNORE


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Hello! Andy here.

I'm looking to build a car for NORRA or SCORE. I have already started getting into our Baja 1600 race car, but I watched a video of the guys from Roadkill with a race car that was built on a vintage car chassis. I also love the look of many of the cars from the Mad Max world. I think I would like to build a non-truck-based race/street car. Hoping to run with the TDRA in the next year as we complete our build for this beetle!

I am thinking I'd like to find something old and unique, gut it out, and build it into a mean race car. Looking for recommendations for people who have experience in chassis and cage-building for those cars, or clubs to join.

Hope to make some new contacts on the forums!