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At FiberwerX we pride ourselves in developing products that supports the latest trends in offroad motorsports & recreation. Our innovative styles will accent your next project or improve the look of your current vehicle. You can be certain any FiberwerX products on your project will be a highlight and will add to the appearance and value of the vehicle.

Our mission is to provide the off-road industry with innovative products at competitive prices! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We produce everything from a pair of flared fenders for your daily driver pickup truck to full body kits for Trophy Trucks, Spec-Class Vehicles, dual sport buggies and more. The FiberwerX line of Carbon-Fiber Products and accessories has quickly become our most popular items.

All of our fiberglass products are hand-laid and 100% of our Molds are constantly refurbished or built from scratch to guarantee the best fitment and overall finish every time. At the present time we specialize in Ford and Toyota truck products. However, we recently began manufacturing body kits & panels for other vehicle types such as Nissan, GM, Dodge, and Rhino Side x Sides with more designs in the works.

The FiberwerX Organization lives and breathes offroad. Jason McNeil and his younger brothers have been building offroad trucks since before they could legally drive. Their driving skills have been fine-tuned, the race vehicles are highly competitive, and FiberwerX Racing is making their mark in the ranks of Offroad Racing. Competing in a variety of classes and divisions from Trophy Truck, Class 8, to Class 7, and 1450/1400, you can be certain our drivers are making there way to the front of the field battling for the top position.

Top of the line equipment and constructing competitive vehicles starts with knowledge and experience. Fine craftsmanship and attention to detail is the foundation of building a racecar that will get you to the podium. FX-Fabrication is committed to fabricating vehicles and components to industry standards or better. When you team up with FX-Fabrication, you team up with experienced offroad professionals. When just making it to finish line is not good enough, here is your trophy.

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8400 N. Magnolia Ave. Suite H
Santee, CA 92071


Phone: (619) 654-4451
Fax: (619) 442-4459

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you should be ashamed of yourself for waiting this long to join, but i understand not wanting to associate yourself with all these neer-do-wells, heathens, and scoundrels.


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