Hello my name is antonio anguiano

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I got in to off road at a very early age, not as a racer, instead i become a spectator, photographer and casual pit mechanic and car pit chaser, my father took me to the starting line of the 1980 mexicali 250 i still remember when someone in a racing costume wave in a peculiar way to my dad as we got closer, he whisper "dont believe everything he says" it was perry mcneil at that time perry was racing in class 1, i also have the picture, and every time i get to see perry i wave the same way, but it looks like hes watching a fly on the wall anyway thats how i got started in to off road, but in my family my older brothers 4 to exact they havent miss the action since 1973 and they also had taken pictures, thousands of pictures, slide pictures, and 8mm films. Well to cut a long story short, i found out of this page because a local racer mention that there was going to be a change of course in a baja 500 cant remember what year it was, and he told us to look in this web. As i told you i dont a race car, i had pit for javier robles in class 10, i had change so many tires leaving the racer in the car not letting him to get out of the car, now that i mention this: Bob shepard if you read this im still waiting for my shirt that you promise cause in the 2005 baja 500, 6 miles before mikes sky ranch in the technical and tight section, i help you out in 3 minutes, and you took the year championship that same year, dont tell me you will go bankrupsy just for one shirt. My future plans are to eliminate people who make booby traps hang if there is possible, take justice on my own hand.im 38 years old live in beautyfull weather mexicali (120°) in the shade rightnow, and i work as a federal employee in the social security union, thats it and thank you. Muchas gracias. Zpoyly.


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