On Topic Hello my name is AssBurns


Hey my name is Steven my user name on everything is AssBurns. The nickname came from my dad as a joke, since our last name is Burns. I thought it was funny and used it once, then it just kinda stuck as a username.

Not super into the whole racing thing but I love getting out in the desert and exploring. I’ve always had the itch to go faster and attempt to build my own stuff. Bringing me here for all the tech and brains that are here on the forum. I’ve been lurking for years but never joined for whatever reason.

I currently have a 3rd gen 4runner that is still only a very mild build compared to what I eventually want to make it. The goal is a Go-Fast, Go-Anywhere 4wd build that will take me wherever I need and want while being able to handle some decent speeds. I do some mild crawling and some mild desert stuff but I’m looking to take that to the next level soon. Since the stock IFS system is really weak, I’m looking to swap it out with something stronger that can handle what I need. I’ve considered a SAS but that will not handle the higher speed stuff as easy or comfortably. The idea that I have right now is to swap the Dana 44 TTB front end and rear axle off a Bronco. We’ll see where it goes.