hello my Name is Blase.


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Hey guys I've been lurking around this site for a while and figured it was time to make the jump and sign up.

I am a weekend wheeler that has become interested in the "new" 4400 class that all of the rock Crawlers are running in.

I found this site while looking for pictures of the nice fab work that is often found on desert trucks.

I am currently building a four seat multi purpose rig.

When complete I hope to be able to race it in the 4400 class at some of the shorter races. Something along the lines of the Texas-off Road series or KOH and Maybe XRRA. Nothing major and I will most likely pit for some 4400 teams long before my car is finished and ready to race.

My day job as a machinist is what helps make my hobby happen. I am lucky enough to have access to about 30 different CNC Lathes and Mills so I can make a lot of my own parts.