Hello My Name is Bob AKA racetech


How you got into desert racing? A: Got into desert racing from my love of cars at an early age, specifically the dukes of hazard which i love the sliding around dirt corners and the jumping of coarse. learned about these trucks that could do that and not break so my love of the sport was born.

How you have found this website? A: Found a sticker in my DP video so i checked out the site. NICE PLACE!!!

What vehicle you play with? A:Right Now i have my dream truck of old anyway, An 06 F-150 5.4 Liter, Now i Want a Raptor!!

Your future plans in respect to desert racing? A: I am tring to go to any racing events i can. Try to help with any team that will let me, And of coarse race if funds and or opportunity allows.

What keeps you busy during the day? Job, School etc? I am in the Navy now and do night school starting in 2010.

I am From Hemet where Robby G and Rob Mc C got there start with Venable racing, The old Rough Riders!!! So I used to be really into this then found out how much it takes to really do it. Dont have a rich daddy like most of us don't and wasnt the best student ( probably from drawing trucks and suspension in class to much) So I joined the Navy to have something to call a life. I love the sport and want to be involved anyway possible. See you in the Dirt. God Bless