Hello, My Name is Bob Rose


I listed my Tundra on this site and it got a lot of calls and interest.

I actually sold it to a member.



I've been a fan of desert racing for a long timeand been riding in the desert on bikes since the early 70's.
My Dad, Dick Rose, used Built the "Factory Sponsored" Mitsubishi 2wd short track truck for Mike Stewart back in the '80s and did some work on Larry Ragland's Pre-Runner in the late '80s.

I built up a few trucks, got some metal working equipment and a manual bender to do my own fab work but had to start working 6 days/73 hours a week at the dealership when the economy fell apart and haven't done much else since January.

I just sold one of my trucks on this site (for cheap) so I could pay for my new SVT Raptor.

I would like to get my 9 year old into the Trophy Kart racing, if I can get enough cash together.

I am the Director of Fixed Operations at Power Ford North Scottsdale.

If anybody needs Ford Parts, 10% over cost, or service / warranty work, let me know.