Hello my name is Chefguy


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Jun 10, 2009
My name is Kurt AKA Chefguy. Well I live in Vermont about as far across the country as you can be from the desert. I did a couple of offroad trips in Baja 2 years ago and we rode part of the 1000 and 250 race courses.
Needess to say I'm hooked. As a happily married retired chef and dad to 2 kids (Son 11 and Daughter 8) occasional offroad rider (DRZ400), soccer coach, mountain bike rider/racer and skier. I do not have too much time to ride or race or $$$...
I am having too much fun playing with my family and in reality cannot afford too many trips to the sunny and warm playgrounds of the southwest. I stumbled upon race-desert.com to follow a buddy Bruce Anderson from Gobajaridin racing a Class 5 in the 1K two years ago and his buddy that I met Larry Roeseler in the Landshark. After following the threads on the 1K and the Weatherman feed I became addicted. I followed this years 1000 and 500 faithfully living vicariously through the actions of others.
Someday I hope to be back to ride again until then I read the race reports, amble through the photos and classifieds and plan my next trip.