Hello, my name is Chris


What's up? My names Chris. Here comes the standard Q&A.

- How you got into desert racing.

I was drug kicking and screaming by some guys in helmets covered in grease and dirt.

- How you have found this website.

Thanks to westtexasbaja, it's his fault! lynch him

- What vehicle you play with.

I play with an 04 Subaru STi set up for tarmac racing (yeah I know)

- Your future plans in respect to desert racing.

Maybe I'll get into a 12 car one day, but for now I'll stick to volunteer work, taking pictures, and shooting video

- What keeps you busy during the day? Job, School etc.

I'm finishing up Architecture at Texas Tech, and trying hard not to work unless it's on my car.

Anyway, I spend so much time hanging around some of these guys I figured now would be a good time to join up. See ya out there.