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Cole Brooks

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I was introduced to the desert and racing world through a good friend of mine when I was about 15. My first memories include the United Prerunners jump contests, sdprerunners.com, and the take off of MDR Sportsman truck class.

I have been reading RDC for about 5 years now and finally came out of my shell to register. I cant remember exactly, but I think my first exposure to RDC was through watching DP1 on vhs.

I personally have a 92 Yots 4Runner. Custom front suspension utilizing boxed lower arms, 8" king coilovers, and retains 4wd. The rear consists of a 62" Deavers, e-locker rear end, and a cantilever shock set up (still in works). All work done by myself.

In the future, I hope to race sportsman truck in MDR California series. Before that, I hope I have the oportunity to chase/pit extensively for a successful team (truck or buggy).

Currently, I am in my last year at Cal Poly SLO studying to become a mechanical engineer. At this time I am completeing my second intership at General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Incorporated in Poway, Ca. We Design and manufacture unmanned aircraft for military use. I hope to work here when I graduate in June of 2010.

Lastly, I am slowly starting up a small fabrication business focused on the design and fabrication of Toyota front suspension kits for 89-95 4wd pickups and 4Runners.

Please enjoy the pictures below

My 4Runner:

New shock hoop (incomplete at the time):

Baja Spring Break, first REAL test run:

My latest 4wd Toyota kit:



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