hello my name is Colin


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I got into off road back in early 90's. I worked with Conejo off road as a volunteer on the team then shortly after I was on the pay roll. When they stopped racing, I then went to work with Baja Bill Holmes. Then I believe in 1993 I found myself in John Swifts shop- cleaning up and mounting tires. Six months later I was on their payroll helping with the prep work for the Explorer. I stayed there til 2002 when John decided to slow down with the racing and concentrate more with ranch. Near the end of my stay there I was only one left and I was doing all most all the prep work, painting and some fab work. I had the best time at Swifts. He taught me so much stuff that will help me in my life all from racing, fabing, ag work and restoring antique trucks and tractors. The swifts became my second family. I remember when jonathan was still in diapers and now look. He is an awesome driver like his father. I think it was all those years in the back seat of the prerunner, soaking it all up.
I am no longer in the off road arena, I went into the film business and love it. I also started back up racing Mountain bikes and now race for Giant and loving it.