Hello, my name is Damien Smith...


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Long time user, first time typer.....got into desert racing in El Paso TX. Worked in Mexico and caught the desert bug. Grew up 30 mins from Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan. I guess that is where the truck thing started...now I have a fully caged 91 Expo, small block Ford powered, Giant beams, King coils and King trips upfront with King bumps all the way around. Rear is Deaver leaf'd with King trips and King bumps. 8.8 out of a late model Bronco with disc brake conversion. Fiberwerx 08 Ford 1pc conversion front clip, doors and fenders. 37 in ProComp Etreme A/T's, 5.13 gears. Fuel cell, PRP seats and Crow harnesses, Momo F1 wheel with Sweet MFG 360 quick disconnect. Custom cage and bumpers done my me...bunch of other details that I can rattle off another time...hauled around by my 01 F250 V10. Ported, polished and different cams, custom dyno'd tune (hrs.....) transmission worked on to the hilt, gears, sitting on 35's now so I can pull my gooseneck with the Expo...Hit me up if you are interested in seeing any of my build pics...