hello my name is Dave Oram


have been into off road, in a limited fashion for lots of years with quads and jeeps. My desert expierance started with a very limited baja bug that i would take out, brake, fix and repeat. My brother jump started things last year when he purchased a class 11 vw. It was score approved and the baja 1000 was our goal, it didnt take long to figure out our goal was a dream and small starts were in order. two vorra races one in 2008 (yarrington) and the 2009 vorra yarrington. without the exciting details i was hooked, and last week i purchased my very own class 9. I'm still very much a newbe, and need lots of help and advise along the way, so here i am. Would love to find some-one close to my home town (ripon California) near Modesto for solid advice. the internet is great but some-one close enough for me to visit and talk to would be even better.