hello my name is DJ

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Hello my name is DJ and I'm 16 years old. I grew up in a small town in Arizona and recently moved to lake forest OC area "last 2 years". I've always had my mind stuck with anything that went fast. I grew up riding dirt bikes and quads. I love going trail riding. and I absolutely love OVERSTEER. I built my grandpas old farm truck into what it is today everything minus the cold air intake I did myself at my dads shop in Arizona. he let me use a lift, handed me the lift kit instructions, and let me use his tools.
1999 GMC sierra z71 pkg 4.8L
1. Fabtech 6 inch suspension system
2. Fiberwerx front flared fenders
3. fully raptor lined truck
4. dual fuel propane and gasoline
5. steel tube welded "prerunner style bumpers" I know Im a poser.....
6. Deegan 15/8 pro 4 wheels
7. 35 inch Toyo RT tires.
8. just got a new windshield

plans for future:
1.new cd player and speakers
3. better shocks.. not sure what size
4. utility shell
5. lights.. not sure if i want a light cage or just go with the poser light bar "seems like everybody that doesn't off road has one for looks"
6. long travel??
my offroading spots:
1. holy jim/ Trabuco canyon
2. barstow
3. Salton sea
My friend devon and I who is 18 are looking to volunteer for a chase crew for the Baja 1k next month. we can cover our own gas, lodging, and food. we just want to have a real Baja experience. we don't have any mechanical backgrounds. I'm a detailer and could clean the rig super well before the start. I can also haul some equipment, tires and other stuff. the only way my mom would let me go down is with a crew/ convoy to minimize the risks involved. Devon got kidnapped in Ensenada the last time he came down to watch a surfing championship when he was 16 all alone and lied where he was going. he got tied up and thrown in a shack and untied himself and ran until he found a tourist to use their phone. aside from that I'm hoping to have a good Baja experience. and maybe start a project to work on.