Hello my name is Doug


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Live in Corona CA and was referred by my long time buddies over at Carli Suspension. Ride along with them in Baja when schedules permit with their big bad Diesel Dodges on whatever Bike I bring along. Dig riding dirt bikes and do so as often as possible usually on my 07 YZ450F. I do have a 2004 XR650R that’s done up, but I really like the flexibility of the new 4 strokes so it just sits and collects dust. I put about 1000 miles a year on my bike in Glamis and another 2000 in the high dessert of California and trails of Inyo National Forest. I also love to Drag race my deadly fast 69 Barracuda. Totally restored with a stroked 340 I run 10.62 at 125MPH on the same drag radials I use when I got to the local Starbucks on Sunday. Put it this way, nobody scares me on the street;) It's been featured in Mopar Muscle Mag on several occasions. I'm a sales dude by trade playing in the IT space, so that's pretty much what pays my bills. I do build motors on the side so occasionally I'll take one down just for some spending cash. Other then that I perform all my own work, I like to know what makes things tic. Bla bla bla, all boring stuff, just a technicality to get me on the board. If anything else is required hit me on email. Look forward to the board!