Hello My Name is Ethan Hollander


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hey Everyone, DuaneH's son here.Just got my username so my dad would stop complaing :)
Anyways Lets Get started.
I've been going to the desert since i was born. My father use to race district 38 back when Fudd Ran it. Ive been riding since about 3, started on my family's old Four-zinger. Then got a Pw50, and rode the wheels off that thing :)
Went through a few other bikes including a xr75,ttr125,kdx250 and now curently have a suzuki rm250 and a yamaha yz125. I blew the transmission on the Rm about a year and a half ago and its still sitting in my garage in peices :/

My Dad and Brother actually showed me this website back wen i first got interested in Vw Bugs, so far havent purchased one yet but im still looking!

I Ride my Yz125 alot, still trying to get some money to start racing. Doesnt really matter where im riding, ill find a way to always make it fun.

Not to sure on what I want to do regarding desert racing....I would really like to build like a class 11 or 7,8s, or 8.
Maybe if i become really rich build a trophy truck :)

As of right now I work at Ralphs grocery store, my first job and im enjoying it. Im just beginning Graphic Designing, Silkscreening/Screen Printing. I really enjoy it, it like 2 of 5 things im good at haha. Starting a clothing buisness called Ethan Hollander Designs. Looking Designing Graphics for motorcycles. MAybe a Career at One Industries or Factory Effex? :)
I ride as much as possible.
Im a Senior in High School.
Im pretty Outgoing and always willing to meet new people :)