Hello, my name is Fernando de Saracho

Sonora Racing

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I have never raced in the desert however I am friends with it, I have ridden through it, got stranded in it and live in a town that is surrounded by it.

I found this website by chance.

I have ridden in dirt bikes and now have a Rhino 700

My future is in Sonora Mexico desert race organizing, right now we are planning The Sonora 100, time trail 7 loop on a 14 km track. Dirtbikes, Quads & SxS's.

My job, wife and 4 year old son keep me busy. I work logistics for a Mexican colored bell pepper grower Divemex; We grow year round and export to USA and Canada.

I subscribed to this thread because I would like to promote the state of Sonora for desert racing and need your wisdom on how to do it right, I want to be the Sal of Sonora!