Hello My Name is Glen Williams


Hello My Name is Glen Williams

I have been into riding dirt bikes my whole life. First it was as a way to do what my older brother was doing and hang out with him then as a way to get out of the house in my early teens. Then I found girls and was distracted for a few years! Something about the smell of perfume was better than dust and 2 stroke for a few years there so I stopped riding completely for a while then in my early 20’s started riding again and helping with pits in Baja and riding down there a little until all my buddies got married and gave it up.

At 30 I figured out what was missing in my life (again) and bought another bike, and 5 archers in the desert to start the next next wave of desert buddies, and the next generation of 2 stroke addicts.

I found this website about 8 years ago via a sticker on lifted golf cart I bought and have been a spectator ever since. It took a post about something I know a fair bit more than most about (Insurance) to get me to finally pull the trigger and set up to comment on the forums.

Right now I have a few identical 1999-2002 KX250 2 strokes that I ride regularly, 2 fairly stock XJ jeeps and a 1992 Toyota V6 4x4 fully caged with 4 race seats and the roof cut off. I haven’t really thought too far ahead as far as future plans but I do have a cj6 sitting around that needs to earn it’s keep and an old class 7 Mazda. I don’t honestly have any passion to race anything but my own ego right now but you never know what the future holds in store.

I have a “Ranch” in the high desert where I cultivate off road mileage and good will. I volunteer every year at the King of the Hammers for the whole week and can always use people on my team for that or if you are looking for a gated area to park you trailer while you do some testing, some old fashioned trail riding, or just looking for a spot to hide out in the desert for a weekend we may have room for you!

As I mentioned above and in one few posts, I am an Insurance Broker. I sell Auto, home, life, Annuities and umbrella policies. Most of my clients are established adults looking for real coverage to protect their assets and families rather than the “I only want what the law requires” crowd on TV. If you have questions about your situation or have a house and family thaat you need to cover correctly and that’s what I do for my clients.

I also sell life and final expense insurance, but truth be told I am like most of you on here…
I only work to support my offroad addiction!