Hello my name is James


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What's up guys my names James I own a custom Toyota Tacoma I often go to ocotillo wells , glamis and also local trails I'm also involved with an awesome charity based truck club that I'd like to get everyone familiar with called RAIZED UP

RAIZED UP Truck Club was formed to represent positive community awareness and charitable giving through the outlet of community outreach via custom trucks (oldies, minis, ratrod, lifted), jeeps and vans.

Our truck club is unique in the sense that we invite all ages, ethnicities and custom/off road trucks to be part of our charitable organization.

Some of our long term goals include but are not limited to:

1. Growing our non-profit organization world wide

2. Attend multiple major car shows/cruise nights to spread our word and promote our sponsors

3. Hold major car shows/cruise nights to give back to charities IE: Operation Silver Star

4. Get printed, television and social media/online coverage.

We appreciate your time in learning about our truck club and look forward to working with you to grow our community and business relations.
Help spread the word!