Hello my name is Jason!


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I started riding quads when I was 3 years old and when I was 16 I watched the film dust to glory and decided I wanted to do baja. So now i'm working up the money so I can build a honda 450 to race in 2012.

I found this website because I heard It was a good place to get cheap used parts.

Right now I have a 2006 honda 400ex with 450 shocks, an air filter, and a modified stock pipe.

I'm leaving to go on an LDS mission so when I get home I'll buy a honda 450, do a few upgrades and race in SCORE in 2012.

I'm going to community college right now majoring in engineering with a minor in auto tech. in my free time I build sandrails and quads. I also try to go riding atleast once a week. (next week I'm going to do a 300 mile ride)