Hello my name is Jason


I actually decided one day after watching some WRC rally on TV. That i was bored of just pavement. autocross and drifting is fun and all. I've built my share of amazing vehicles that far surpass expectations. But, I have always wanted to building something completely from scratch. Week or so ago, me and a friend from work (fellow automechanic) were talking about some weird vehicles and Ken Blocks amazing gymkhana videos. That's when it all hit me. I decided I want to build a open wheeled buggy. I am still unsure of the exact "name" is of the type of buggy. So i've be researching since then for any and all info I can on these vehicles. I talked to a buddy of mine (engineer) who wants in on the build and wants to help design the frame and driveline etc. I found some info on SCORE's website but nothing I was expecting. I know theres regulations for just about everything, just like stock car racing. I found nothing like what I "thought" I should be seeing. BUT!, I did figure out that the type of vehicle i was looking at, or had pictured in my head rather, was a class 1 or class 10 vehicle. So i was googling for pictures hoping to tag a website that had some information or links to some. I kind of narrowed my searches from what I found from there. It seems im more interested in class 1/2 1600. so small buggies? 1600cc engine? So I happen to find this site while looking for some roll cage and chassis build requirements. So I'm hoping someone can give me links to sites and associations that have the buggies requirments from cage to suspension to engine and safty. If all goes well and we build something that is tough we may even enter some desert races. I think that would be an absolute blast. the key will be what can I build with easy to find stuff that will take abuse haha

I drive a 1990 240sx as my drift and autocross car. The car started out as pile of rust that barily ran. today its a mean car that is extremely heavily modified. including many..many... not street legal parts... but no one knows that.. haha

I would love to do some races in any terrain. I'm really into rally for some reason. So desert or valleys around here I don't care. I want to blaze some trails and do some sweet jumps in a completley hand built one off car. does that sound fun to more people than just me?