hello my name is joey or Infamous metal works

Hows it going everyone, Im joey i have been visiting on RDC for little while. I like all the info and have been a rockcrawler guy for a while, but desert racing has taken over. I have a small fabrication shop i started about a year and half ago. in Santa Clara CA Infamous metal works. I serve some loyal customers in the bay area. I recently started working with a newer trophy/trick truck team " Voss Motorsports" they have a couple of pro-truck championships. I will hopefully traveling with them to most of their races and also helping in their shop when they need it. I also help out with a team in the vorra series "Hayos motorsports" which is also been great expirence Curt is who blame for introducing me to Off-road racing. You can visit the website www.infamousmetalworks.com its currently being updated!
Thanks for having a great site