Hello my name is John Tommila


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May 9, 2009
Hawthorne NV
Started racing dirt bikes in the M.R.A.N.N. series. In the 3 years I raced, I got to expert and was a mid pack finisher. Broke a hip and the wife said no more! OR ELSE ! After the 75000$ doc bills it made sense.

Good friend who got me into the bike thing is building a ranger for racing. We have always had trucks for wheeling and this is really just an extension of or a slight change in direction. He suggested I join this site to network for parts and all that goes along with networking, New friends and great times.

I play with a 72 340 duster, a 84 D150 with 440 power and 1 ton axles not a race truck but something I'm working on to get across the desert a little quicker than a trail rig. I will be working BFG pits in the Vegas to Reno and other semi local races this year.

I work as a heavy equip mechanic for a contractor at an ammo depot. Trust me its not glamorous, top secret or anything like that. But if you ask me questions I will do my patriotic duty and have MIB come visit you!!