Hello, my name is justsomeguy


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Oct 14, 2009
Las Vegas NV
Ran across this site while looking for 2010 KOH dates. The dates Suck cause I do not get back from my trip to Afghan till March 2010; so another year to wait. Pretty pissed, I missed two years now. Glad to see we get another V to R with BITD!
I have an Solid axle 94 explorer custom, on 35's blah, blah. It'll get there on or off road.
I can wait to get home to get working on 86 Bronco II rock rig. Got a few item bought and a few more to go.
I got in to off road racing in the early 80's, in the hey day of fast buggies and slow trucks! All the good ones are gone now. Can't do (anything) anymore as a spectator so I volunteer as a course worker to stay with it. Grew up out in Needles CA, living in Lost Wages now.
What keeps me busy? work.....I run a maintenace shop for our big rich uncle!
Future plans? I might grow a pair and start heading south of the border to watch the big race down there.
Anything else worth posting? I do not think the stuff above was worth posting but what the hell, I got 6 months to kill, er... bad choice or words "to wait"!