Hello my name is Kat


Hey there,

I am a 25 year old Student at SDSU who also works full time in the day. I work at Dion and Sons which is not only a distributor for bulk fuel and lubricants, but also race fuel including VP and F&L. I have been in the desert scene for about 7 years now. My boyfriend and I have a baja bug that he built. He is going on his 2nd bug. He decided he wanted to upgrade and start all over. I know this site not onnly becuase of him, but having to go through it with work as well. My boyfriend has also raced a 1450 truck and a 1600. I can't wait to go out for our trip for Thanksgiving. It will be a long week filled with turkey, hanging out with friends, and going out for rides at Ocotillo.