Hello my name is Kirby Caldwell


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May 15, 2009
RDC Crypto
Beaumont, Texas
New here to desert racing. Looking forward to racing with you guys. We are at a little disadvantage here in Beaumont Texas but thats o.k.
Got involved with desert racing when my good friend and I both decided that Baja is something we wanted to take on. We bought a couple of cars and here we come. We have a Class 5/1600 and currently building a Class 5 car for the 1000. Fortunately we have hooked up with some really nice people in CA. that have been consulting with us on the cars and logistics of racing down at Baja.

Currently I race a circle track asphalt NASCAR late model and a Allison Legacy car for road coarse racing. You can never have too many race cars and diversity helps me in all aspects of my racing carrier.

We plan on running 3 races prior to the Baja 1000.
Our next race in the 5/1600 car will be with the TORE Texas offroad racing group in June. Its an 8 lap 200 mile race in Oklahoma.

I have learned a lot from reading all of you guys post. Keep up the good Work