hello, my name is kyle from the bay area, Ca

my name is kyle and I'm from northern california, I'm a pipe fitters apprentice in UA Local 393.

My interest in desert started with auto trader and always looking for a cheap truck to build when i was kid, then i discovered pirate4x4 and tried to gain as much knowledge about building rigs as possible. I still haven't built or owned a purpose built wheeler or desert racer, just drift from one project to another, or forced to sell something then acquire something else.

anyways, while i was stationed in san diego some friends from home were racing in barstow i think in class 1/1600 i believe, over easy racing was the teams name, and i went down there for the weekend and pitted for them and the whole thing was a blast. then a year later they raced vegas to reno and i met up with them in reno to party and celebrate their win. thats what got me into desert racing.

i stumbled onto this website when i was a kid, but recently everytime iv had some suspension questions about a possible new project google took me here. so i decided to join so i can maybe get some answers to my questions.

i currently do not own a vehicle to play with but I'm looking into picking up a c10 in the near future and running beams up front like the coastal fab werkz truck.

if i do end up building that vehicle i would like it be able to fit a class to race in, there aren't many races close to santa cruz but i could make it out to prairie city every once in a while too fart around and try and compete with some others.