Hello my name is Luis Medina

Luis Medina

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Hi there, my name is Luis Medina Arcadia, I live in La Paz, Baja California Sur, MX,

- How you got into desert racing.

Cause you're very popular, I visit the forums pretty often to check out how's off road racing arround...

- How you have found this website.

I'm the Moderator of the El Pato Rojo website and I've followed links posted there to here noticing that there is a lot of info here...

- What vehicle you play with.

I don't have an off road vehicle

- Your future plans in respect to desert racing.

Try to cooperate with info of Baja Sur off road when needed

- What keeps you busy during the day? Job, School etc.

Job... I work 4 off road racing most of the day...