Hello my name is Luke


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Sep 27, 2009
El Cajon, CA
I got into desert racing fairly recently. always was interested in it but finally had some money to buy a truck and work on it a little so thats when i really got into it. My truck still has a lot to be desired but i have fun with it so cant complain. Found the site from a friend tellin me to check it out. My truck is an 08 ford ranger thats pretty much stock right now. it has 31" cooper stt tires and a 4.10 gearing. other than that just a tube bumper my friend and i fabbed up and some fiber glass front fender so my tires dont rub the fenders seeing it hasnt been lifted yet. as for the future im just plannin on building it up as i can. I work at kragen and in february i start fire academy. not in school right now.