Hello, my name is Mike


Mar 9, 2007
RDC Crypto
Torrance, CA
So, bare nose details about who i am is what you guys are after pretty much i suppose.

I'll just copy and paste the form and fill it out that way:

- How you got into desert racing.
When i was about ... 12 or 13th ish my uncle took me to the 1000. it's lied dormant for a while but now that im in college studying ME, im back into it.

- How you have found this website.
Im a member over at Ranger-forums. and from there i found DR. then there i found this place, and i figure that the more sources of information the better.

- What vehicle you play with.
01 Ranger Edge 2x4. Stock, suspension wise. I usually am the #1 shotgun rider though when me and my friends go out, haha.

- Your future plans in respect to desert racing.
Upon my graduation i'd like to hook up with a team and make race engineering my career.
- What keeps you busy during the day? Job, School etc.
Full time student at Cal Poly SLO. so classes, min. wage job, and the society of automotive engineers keeps me pretty busy. that and day dreaming about toys.

Thanks for the time.