Hello, My name is Nate.


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Nov 19, 2018
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Cleveland, Ohio
Hey guys,

How you got into desert racing:
First off, I got hooked on offroad racing when my Dad first purchased a RZR. I grew up riding ATVs but it wasn't until we got the RZR that I really started to enjoy going fast and pushing myself driving. I started looking at the community, and at the time it was known as the golf cart class in racing, but since then I've watched and followed most of the races/racers. A local company HMF Exhausts, also runs most of the races so I started following them as well.

How you have found this website:
A fellow forum member told me to look into this website to get more involved with offroad racing and learn about the inner workings of racing.

What vehicle you play with:
I currently drive UTVs mainly a Polaris General or RZR XP4T Dynamix. Would love to get a Turbo S or something a little wider. I mainly ride east coast locations, with a few trips to Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. The desert is something that I've always wanted to drive in.

Your future plans in respect to desert racing / What keeps you busy during the day?:
As I stated before I came here to get more involved with offroad racing. I am currently a sophomore computer/electrical engineering student and The University of Akron here in Akron, Ohio. I want to get involved with racing, and I felt like the best place to start looking would be here. As I am currently a student, working for a team would be hard to do full time, however, I would love to work/help a team during the summer or through an internship/Co-Op program.

As a CPE I have more electrical/computer skills compared to an ME, who would be working on frame design, etc. , but, I enjoy all aspects of building things along with the use of CAD and other computer related tasks. I've worked on a few projects with UTVs locally doing wiring and electrical accessory installs. I've also helped build our Dynamix that HMF Exhausts did some fabrication work on, so I have a little shop experience. I really would enjoy any aspect of an offroad race team, just want to learn as much as I can.

Thank you for reading through my intro!

Nate Schroeder