Hello, my name is Paxton Gray.


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I am Paxton Gray who is stuck in Oregon. I love the thought of desert racing but have yet to find a race to attend and enjoy. I am a student at South Eugene High School and lacrosse stole my life many months ago which sadly leaves no time for my poor truck. The truck is a fairly stock TRD Tacoma 4 banger with a mid travel setup that I hate. The thing I play in is my dad's RZR S which is very fun. My dad plans to race the RZR S at this http://www.race-dezert.com/forum/showthread.php?t=58804. That race is also why I joined this website, I want to help make this happen because I believe that more races should be in the Oregon desert. I hope to find an LT kit for truck whenever I find the money. My dad works at a sheet metal fab shop so I make wierd things like sliders and bumpers and such for my truck. Um yea that should be good on the info, if anyone has any questions send me a message or post here. Thanks for reading.
Paxton Gray


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