Hello my name is ReddMaxx


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Hello my name is ReddMaxx. Born and bred in Southern California, I have been following Off Road Racing for 25+ years. I have competed in BITD, SCORE, FUDPUCKER RACING, LA RANA, and other small associations. I have been reading dialogue between BANNED4LIFE and GREG FOUTZ MOTORSPORTS. BANNED4LIFE - you should be ashamed of yourself; trying to take a free ride from an new honest business owner. If you can't be a man and own up to the mistakes you encountered from your past business decisions - GET OUT. Obviously, nothing can be accomplished when you continue to bring your dirty laundry to a laundrymat, and then blame the laundrymat owner that you can't get all of the stains out of your laundry. The owner is bending over backwards to try to help you, and all you can do is complain about the permanent stains your encountered from a previous dirty laundrymat. LET'S GO RACING - RM!