Hello my name is Richard Sletten


Hello my name is Richard Sletten,
Not new to the sport or RDC by any means but i finally made an account.
I'm amongst the third generation of desert racing in my family following in the footsteps of my late Uncle Dick Dahn, 2nd Uncle Paul Price, Uncle Robert Henderson and my dad Dennis Sletten.
I rode in my first race at the FUD Series with my dad at 8 years old in a class 11.
Known as 11 Brothers Motorsports, my dad Dennis and his brother Robert Henderson raced together for years and it was only inevitable that Tim Sletten and I do the same.
Me and my brother Tim Sletten started racing a class 11 at ages 13/15 in the MDR Superstition Series and have carried on to drive, co-drive or be apart of anything we can including class 11, 9, 5-16, 1600, 1200, 1000, 7s, JeepSpeed, 400 and a hand full of 1400 races.
But our usual choice and where we've always done good is in 1100 or 5-1600 and have recently been dipping into a little class 9 racing because of not only the fun factor but car count.
Last weekend we acquired Frank Wagners "Trophy 9" that Robby Macdonald has been racing and we plan on racing some Snore/More races this season.
We're also helping our dad rebuild the Rodney Inch class 4 for the vintage class at the Mint 400.
I'm not really sure if this is what I was supposed to write, hopefully I didn't bore you and I'll see you at the races.