hello my name is Rile


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im from sw missouri so i guess im truly just a spectator. i love old school fords 65-79, but like pretty much everything. i have a 2 yr old son and a beautiful wife. we love the outdoors. whether camping, 4 wheeling, hunting, fishing, or whatever. i have a 78 ford stepside 4x4, suzuki samurai 4x4, 05 f150 4x4, and the wife has an 05 nissan xterra off road. ho yea, i also have an 06 harley nighttrain. we have too many toys. the 78 is the one id really like to setup as a prerunner style. it sees some wood hauling and daily driving. love this website and the info is overwhelming sometimes. thats a good thing. hope to make friends and gather good ideas along the way. ive already done that so i shouldnt ask too much. thanks for the opporunity.