Hello my name is Ryan


Hi guys and gals! I have been reading the site for a long time but never took the time to register and become a member. I frequent DesertRanger.com and have been around the offroad world for a while. I grew up riding dirtbikes and my dad used to race 1 2/1600 statium buggys. I curently have a 92 ford f-150 that I'm restoring to a desert worthy glory, in my eyes at least. the truck is going to have equal length beams, a 460 big block, full 2 inch roll cage, as well as some other buzz words. I am almost done with school, i'm in the last stages of becomeing a helicopter flight instructor. flying helicopters is the most fun thin i could ever consider doing as a job and i am very glad i made the move to do it.

I hope to mabe meet some of you at future races and have a chance to hang out,

Ryan Shuffle