Hello my name is Sean


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Hello all, My name is Sean. I currently live in Oakland, CA. I am still just getting into desert racing. I watched the film "From dust to glory" and was completely hooked. Then I went with my now fiancee out to her parents place in the California Desert near the Imperial sand dunes. I had an amazing time out there. We go back every year now and I can never get enough. My fiancee's step father has a really nice buggy that he zips around in and a baja bug as well.

I found this site through google searching and references from other sites including thesamba.com

I currently have a '99 jeep cherokee that is a daily driver, but I also take to both the ORV parks in California and the Desert when we go down there.

My future plans are to either build or buy a class 5/1600 car and race in the states to get some racing experience. I would also love to pit for a team that already has a class 5/1600 to learn more. I have an almost 1 yr. old son, which makes it a little more difficult at the moment to get away for long periods of time. But it will happen at some point.

Currently I am a commercial photographer. While not necessary, I would love to be able to have racing become a self sustaining thing at least and maybe even a job. But that is a big dream.

Thanks for welcoming me to your community. I look forward to learning from what gems you have to share and gaining more of an understanding of off road racing, in particular class 5/1600.