Hello my name is "Sloppy"

Misery Motorsports

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just following the rules and posting up a lil info about me..

Got into prerunner's back in 1998 had a single cab 1992 ranger i put a lift on and went out to the desert and had some fun..then sold it and
bought a new white ranger xtra cab xlt in 2000 and since it has progressed from a spindle lift to a fully cage'd front to rear a-arm linked 1450 truck
i plan on putting a 500 hp ls motor in it and racing as many race's as i can possibly with hopes to win a mdr or snore or more or drive series championship
i learned about this website along time ago its became very usefull and i love the classifieds soo many good deals..
i own my own fabrication company called Misery Motorsports i build roll cage's, bumpers, bedcage's, back half's and 4 link


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Hey Sloppy I too am new to this whole prerunner thing like you were in 98! I have a 98 ranger single cab I wanna do a spindle kit on it to give it a little lift for now, untill I get really crazy and have some extra money. I have a question tho, how did you do the rear end in A-ARMS that's got look crazy and cost a pretty penny!?!?