Hello My name is Tanner

I have been involved with Desert racing since 2002. Brandon McNeil and his brothers who lived in AZ introduced me to prerunners and It has been an addiction ever since.

I have know of RDC for several years and thought I was already a member and just didn't post lol. I guess I was wrong. All my friends are on here, and Especially Tim Flahart, a bestfriend and an amazing fabricator. I would be screwed without that guy!

I currently owna 2004 Ranger edge that has been heavily modified with a recent 3 link kit made by Fx-Fabrications and a long travel kit by the same company. Fully caged.

My plans are to enjoy my vehicle with friends by way of pit support and prerun/chase. Hopefully when we have a better economy (flippin' Obama!) I can Start fresh with a Different Ranger and Build a beamed Race Truck.

I Currently work as a Project Coordinator for a Demolition Company and am a full time student as well going for a business degree.