Hello My name is Wes


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I'm new to this whole dirt thing and lifting trucks and taking them off road. Im use to streetbikes and muscule cars. I have always wanted to have a truck, so a month ago I bought a 98 ford ranger single cab stepside, 4 cyl 5 spd man, with custome int, all blacked out and loving it, only problem is now I'm starting to fill like Im in another car once again, so I put bigger tires on it, whic my friend says one I got ripped off and two they are an inch to short LOL, I wanna lift it, but nothing to stupid it is my DD, put I would still like to clear rocks and stuff when I do go out, and honestly I like that whole prerunner look at the same time, Im a little short on cash and knowledge so if anyone has some ideas please let me know, Thanks fellas an RDC