Hello my name is,


Hello everyone i never introduced my self to all you guys! im Weston thurmond 15 years old, Race cars for my parents and do Offroada for fun! Go check out my Facebook page on the truck im bulding right now! https://www.facebook.com/Racerunnerproject Make sure you like it!

If anyone has parts, anything offroad related, i need parts, LIGHTS,HEIM JOINTS,DASH, SEATS, bump stomps limit straps, bead locks 15" anything i can use! the truck has been free so far, Thanks to THe guys at aotuglass for hooking it up with fenders and bedsides, My buddys that race for Swayaway gave me some 2.5 coilovers for my truck and last but not least thanks Richie Casas fir the whole truck and the 8 inch over beam kit to make this thing a whoop eating monster! love working on it! looking for more support