Hello. My name is...


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......... Marv Springer

- How you got into desert racing.
I am presently more into rockcrawlers, but look to get more into dezert scene.

- How you have found this website.
I have been lurking for years!

- What vehicle you play with.
Mid Engined 4 cyl transaxle rock crawler.

- Your future plans in respect to desert racing.
No racing... Just fun and dunes!

- What keeps you busy during the day? Job, School etc.
Engineer for 20 years.

....or anything else worth sharing.


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Re: Hello. My name is... Paul

Got into the sport at 18 and really hitting it hard for the passed 7 years. I found this site from friends and other fourms. I am also on glamisdunes, atv connection, and Teryxfourm.net. I play with a amplified LS Long travel. Best car I have ever driven. I also have done up a new Kawi Teryx with LT. Can't wait to dune it. I plan on bring out my 1yr old with me and having him grow up around all of this fun stuff.

I have a satellite company that specialize in the RV market. All those Automatic dishes is what I do. The Family owns a small RV dealership in Quartzsite, AZ aswell.

Love to go up to Prescott and ride aswell in Mexico. Haven't done Mexico in awhile though.

Well Hello all and I look forward to riding with you.