Hello my name is


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Dan Jacobson from Beaumont Ca.

-How you got into desert racing.
Don’t race, just dream… My family loves to go to the desert to camp and ride quads.
- How you have found this website.
Surfing through other websites and used their links.
- What vehicle you play with.
Hope to build a 04 Sport Trac one day. Being Sponsored by nine2five doesn’t leave much room for my build… Thank GOD for the Curt Leduc Swap meet’s each year.
- Your future plans in respect to desert racing.
I would like to be able to apart of a team and try to provide marketing and blue-collar support. Since I am not a fab guy and I don’t own any fab tools that pushes me out of the running for building trucks here. However I am very mechanically incline, have a lot of contacts and I do a traveling for work. This is what gives me added value to my company and friends. (maybe I could use that for a racing team?)
- What keeps you busy during the day? Job, School etc.
I am a Project Manager, Equipment Designer, and GIS guy. A jack of all trades and master of…hmmm

GIS is going to be apart of this sport very soon.