Hello, my name Jeff


Just kidding, it’s Jason.

I’ve got a bit of an unconventional project going on. This whole thing started out with a buddy and me doing the Gambler 500 in my old Crown Victoria. We lifted it a few inches with a donk lift and slapped some 33’s on it and had a blast. When we were done I thought the car has more potentional. I am still learning about the rules and classes, but what I am looking to make wirh this car is a fun toy that can go out and have fun and possibly compete in some lower level classes down the road. I live in Oregon, so I seem pretty far removed from any desert racing. I am just looking to have a fun project with my car. Slowly I want to morph the car into a more serious contender. I am conducting research on how to replace the suspension but I will save that for my build thread . I look to this community for knowledge and to meet some new friends.