Hello, newbie here


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Good Day everybody,

Thought I would join here to gain the knowledge and assistance I need with a couple of my builds. I currently do not do any desert racing, with the exception of traveling fast down a dirt road in Nevada. I have two projects, a 1992 Toyota Pickup that I swapped a Lexus 1UZFE in, and my fathers 1991 Chevy Suburban he swapped a Cummins 4BT in years ago. The Toyota is my favorite by far.

My father built this suburban probably a decade ago now, he wanted a fuel economic rig that he could take the whole crew hunting in, and allow the dogs to run around in the back safely in. The suburban, with the 4bt cummins and 4 inch lift, gets 24mpg no matter where he goes, and has more than enough torque off road to snap drivelines if it wanted to.

The issue is, we went hunting a few weeks ago, and I ended up going to the chiropractor afterwards. We bounced around and jolted side to side relentlessly for hours, all at an astonishing 2mph.

So... told my dad I could make that thing ride like a cadillac on slinkys, and he was bought in. So now, I want to post the build here and get your feedback. I am still debating on the best route to go, but figured this would be the place to get help!

I have been studying long travel suspensions for quite some time, but this will be my first build. The Toyota will be next.

I am a mechanical engineer by day, tinkerer and weekend warrior the rest of the time. I balance time with my family, getting out of the house to go exploring and have fun. I figured this suburban, once it is riding smooth, would be a great way to take the whole family out and about.



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Welcome to the forum! Both projects sound fun. Is the toyota solid axle 4x4 or more of a prerunner?

And some 2.5"+ shocks would really help that suburban ride better. Are you thinking of fabricating new suspension arms or just trying to improve ride with the existing setup?


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Hey michael! Thanks for the welcome.

The toyota will be a prerunner once I get the time and funds to do so. I am keeping the IFS unless somebody can change my mind haha. The V8 has plenty of power to send the truck down and up anything fast, so might as well keep it prerunner style.

The suburban has a skyjacker lift kit on it, leafs front and back at the moment. I am going to fabricate my own 3 link for the front axle, convert it to crossover steering, and get a pair of 14 inch travel FOA coil overs that have light valving and cushy springs. Thinking maybe going medium or medium firm on the rebound of the shock. Do a tender spring at 350 lbs and primary at 450. Not sure the best thing to go with so far.

The rear has airbags over leafs, plan on taking a few of the leafs out to soften the rate, then get reservoir shocks that are valved the same. Thing should ride pretty well after that I would hope.

So half and half, front will be custom, rear try to make it work. Tight budget as this truck doesnt get used very often.