Hello People my name is Greg


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Nov 21, 2016
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Los Angeles, CA
My username is crzyG because I get pretty crazy when I drive street or off-road does Not mater!!!

I am super new to the race dezert life I'm 21 years old and have worked in a mechanic shop for 4 months and body shop for 3 years. Started in high school in my parents house garage with grandpas old tools on a salvaged 1967 Mustang my neighbor hooked me up with. Rebuilt the motor did some simple work too... went on to my uncles atv that was left alone since I learned to ride in 5th grade. I have done plenty more since but those were the starters...

I have never Raced always dreamed about it... never have I dealt with suspension upgrades though only repair to original.

I have a 4 door 2007 Newbody GMC Sierra 1500 2wd daily and want to get working on it been doing lift kit research for over a year and nothing I like so now I want to go Custom but still keep it my daily driver...

Never been to truck races, have been more interested in Supercross since my uncle used to take me to the Ricky Carmichael days before his big injury.

LOW BUDGET college student willing to take up most reasonable challenges jobs whatever.